Thursday, January 26, 2012

FX Royale 400 Accuracy Testing!

Well it looks like I picked the worst day to try accuracy testing. Today the winds were blowing at 15 mph and gusting slightly higher than that. But I trudged along anyway.

A little baseline information. The rifle is still in stock form. I haven't even cleaned the barrel yet. I figured I wanted to see what the rifle was doing before making any changes to it. I mounted a Sun Optics 8-32X50 sidewheel adjustable scope. A good scope. Maybe a bit overkill for this rifle but the optics are pretty clear. The only downside is it only adjusts down to 15 yards.

I managed to get it sighted in at 30 yards and then proceeded to test the Crosman Premier Hollowpoint 7.9 gr pellets. I put 5 shots downrange at each setting. I think the pictures will speak for themselves but again keep in mind there were 15 mph winds to be battled.

At the low setting, you can see the pellets were blown left to right and vice versa. At the middle setting, things started to tighten up a bit but not as tight as I would like. At the high setting, the group was pretty good. I think for general plinking the low setting would give you a full day of fun. But if you really want to get serious, the high setting is the one to use.

In closing I would like to say I think this rifle is going to be a performer. I will test another two types of pellets the same way. After that I will finally clean the barrel and see if that makes any difference.

Until next time, shoot straight and shoot safe.

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